Vocal Method

What method is used?

The studio utilizes a technique derived from the Bel Canto method as well as other contemporary approaches to meet the demands of today’s diverse singer. Essentially a singer will experience elements of an open and relaxed approach to singing, adequate support and use of the diaphragm, and proper, effective use of vowels while “bridging” or transitioning between registers in the voice. The goal: develop strength, range, power, coordination, flexibility and control in singing.

The method focuses on training a singer to move through his or her vocal range from lowest notes (chest register) to highest notes (head register) safely, easily, with no strain, tension, loss of quality or control. One should sing with a clear, solid, and connected tone, with no “breaks” (breathiness) or without “push” (forcing pitches which results in tightness, yelling or voice flipping into an airy-sounding pitch). Physiologically, the larynx (where voice box is located) remains stable and the vocal cords adducted (closed) throughout the singing process.  When one commits to proper and consistent training, common vocal issues will minimize or disappear, and one will begin to experience true freedom in singing.

Is good technique enough to be a good singer?

Without good technique as a foundation, no matter what genre or style you sing, a singer will always feel ‘limited’ in the ability to sing higher notes and even add power or versatility. Consistency is key, and when the vocal muscles understand proper movement and registration, one can focus less on technical aspects and more on creative, performative, stylistic elements. Technique does not have to be perfect, but anything great can lead to more options in your creative and performative repertoire. This can only help refine your “sound” even more.  Why not expand what you can do as you develop your own unique sound? Whether you enjoy contemporary R&B, pop, soul, country, alternative, rock, folk, island grooves, musical theater, jazz, or classical music, great technique can offer you a chance to enhance and expand your brand of singing, the professional way.