Catwongstudio offers quality private voice lessons in Hawaii.

The studio utilizes a technique derived from the Bel Canto method as well as contemporary approaches to meet the demands of today's diverse singer. Essentially a singer will experience elements of an open and relaxed approach to singing, adequate support and use of the diaphragm, and proper, effective use of vowels while "bridging" or transitioning between registers in the voice. The goal: develop strength, range, power, and control to enjoy the freedom in singing. Be "in the know".

The method focuses on assisting a singer through his or her vocal range from lowest notes (chest register) to highest notes (head register) safely, easily, with no strain, tension or loss of control. The goal is to sing with a clear, solid, and connected tone, with no "breaks" (breathiness) or without "push" (forcing pitches which results in tightness, yelling or voice flipping into an airy-sounding pitch). The larynx remains stable and the cords adducted (closed) throughout the singing process.

Ultimately, the secret to singing with ease and enjoyment lies in knowing how to coordinate and manage your "vocal bridges", areas where the vocal cords change in the way they vibrate and produce pitches. Proper execution of a sound method will help you transition from note to note so that you can sing with control and ease while building the voice to become the singer you dream to be. (click to book now)