I need to prepare for an audition or recording session. How early must I train?

Cat never recommend last-minute approaches. Consider Olympic athletes who need to make a spot on the national team: they train and diet months ahead AND work with a mentor/coach. For singers, it’s not that different, but can depend on:

  1. your current ability (or natural talent already present)
  2. the difficulty of the piece
  3. other criteria you must meet (demo deadlines, secondary skills needed for auditions like dancing or acting)
  4. competitive level of event (if it is a contest)
  5. “YOU”, your personality, clarity of purpose, and work ethic.

If you’ve been out of practice, come in sooner than you think because most clients underestimate the time it takes.

For example, if you are thinking of doing an audition, a minimum of 4-6 weeks of weekly sessions is ideal. If you are semi-rehearsed but have less time, 2x-a-week sessions would work with consistency. It feels like boot camp but can be highly effective. If you have a competition or singing is a requirement, you may have to double up your sessions if time is scarce. If you are going to record original songs (or covers), a minimum of 2 months would be smart to prep your voice.