How do I know the studio is the right place for me (or my chid)?

Cat advocates clients research their alternatives thoroughly. Here are tips:

  1. Book a session! Taking an actual lesson will give you the highest return of investment in evaluating teaching style, methodology, knowledge, and general approach to clients. If you or your child benefit, you’ll come back.
  2. Evaluate chemistry in the interaction. Find what works for you or your child. Is there a connection? Are your needs being met? Does he or she truly listen and offer solutions? Does the instructor challenge or inspire you to greater achievement and enjoyment? A good voice teacher listens more and responds to your needs, not the voice teacher’s agenda.
  3. Get referrals. Word-of-mouth can be golden. Clients should ask their network of friends, parents, or colleagues. Would they recommend Cat Wong Studio?
  4. Request to observe a session. Upon request, you can ask Cat to observe another client “real-time” with his or her consent, allowing 10-15 minutes on a scheduled day.
  5. Trust your instinct. Most people know instantly the studio will work or not. Price or location should not be the sole determining factors. Seek the most productive, inspiring, and enjoyable learning environment. The studio has taken on clients travelling on business or pleasure from Japan, Canada, Australia, Maui or locally as far as the North Shore, so distance is less of a concern if value and results are there. Make wise choices and invest well. For many professional services, you get what you pay for.