Singing in your ZPD

May. 4, 2016
Welcome! Students come to the vocal studio to develop their voices to the finest so they have a great foundation to sing the right way and allow more freedom to express. Singing in your ZPD A few years ago I was introduced to an educational concept from my friend, Ben, who received his Ph.D. in Philosophy. The concept of "zone of proximal development" or ZPD has never left me since, and I r ... Read More

Focus on the Real 20%

May. 4, 2016
Cat Wong Studio aims to provide you with insight, tips, and interesting local news. In this issue, learn about the Pareto Principal and how it can help you focus on getting real results in your singing journey. Life is strange, beautiful, unfair at times, even in the world of musical talent. Not everyone can wake up and be as talented singer AND songwriter like Adele, the British pop star w ... Read More